To strengthen the protection of "green production, green mountains and rivers"

Strengthen the green production, and protect "green mountains and water", so we live under the same blue sky.

Green production refers to a comprehensive measure to minimize the generated pollutants by pollution control throughout industrial production on the basis of management and technology with an objective of energy conservation, consumption reduction, and pollution alleviation. Along with its efforts to constantly upgrade its technology, Slichem is focusing on explanation and publicity of environmental protection concept. By assuming responsibility of green production, Slichem is committed to uphold the banner of environmental protection "Under the Same Blue Sky" for China.

With training on green production and clean processes, and the advancement of related work in Slichem, employees gradually grasp the essence of green production - "Energy Conservation, Consumption Reduction, Pollution Alleviation, Efficiency Improvement". It also actively applies the concept of clean production throughout the following two processes". The first is the whole process of organization of production. From product planning, development, design and through construction to operation and management, it's necessary to adopt some necessary measures to prevent pollution. The second is the whole process of material conversion. For the whole process from raw materials processing to product manufacturing, application and even end-of-life disposal, it's necessary to adopt some necessary measures to control pollution.
Under the clean production audit that has sustained for several years, Slichem completes a large number of clean projects such as the transformation of exhaust gas from synthetic and hydrogenated vacuum pump rooms, achieving an increase of 300L recycled waste solvent; the energy-saving renovation of mercury lamps; the control of automatic alarm and automatic shutdown of freezing liquid in power station; the addition of nitrogen filter in purification workshop; the use of diluted hand lotion; the installation of shower nozzle in the bathroom. The implementation of above-mentioned projects not only improves the working environment for employees, but also has both environmental and great economic benefits for the company.
We will continue to strengthen our awareness of environmental responsibility and protect ecological resources. Slichem will further advance the green production and clean production as usual. Through learning and practice, we fully mobilize all employees to give full play to their potential, and strengthen control from the source, in the process reducing pollution, aiming to leave the clean water and blue sky for the generations to come.
Energy conservation and environmental protection - we are always on the way!

In recent years, through our continuous cleaner production audit, Chengzhi Yonghua company completed a large number of cleaner production projects such as synthetic transformation: exhaust gas hydrogenation, vacuum pump, the average daily increase of 300 liters of recycled solvent; energy-saving lamps, mercury lamps complete; automatic control alarm, automatic shutdown of the power station coolant purification workshop; increasing the nitrogen filter; using diluted liquid soap; bath shower installation project. The implementation of the above projects has not only improved the environmental benefits of the employees' working environment, but also brought rich economic benefits to the company.

We should strengthen the awareness of environmental responsibility and protect the ecological resources. The future, as in the past will Chengzhi Yonghua to promote green and clean production. Through learning and practice, we should fully mobilize and play all staff members, strengthen control from the source and process, reduce pollution, and leave a pool of blue water and blue sky for future generations.

Energy conservation and environmental protection - we have been on the way!